Video, Hancock Park District

Prior to 2020, the use of video to market Hancock Park District activities was limited to a couple of PowerPoint-to-video pieces for rental facilities. Then March 2020 steamrolled over all in-person activities, including a full calendar of planned park programs and camps. I coordinated with the HPD program staff to develop a series of brief three-day-a-week Facebook Live events that featured story times, Ohio history and outdoor adventures. These virtual spotlights are archived in a Virtual Experiences Toolkit on the HPD website along with opportunities for further learning.

“Virtual Experiences with the Hancock Park District” were so well-received that we expanded virtual opportunities to “Nature’s Virtual Classroom” and “History How-tos”, two new lengthier program series that utilized learning from home via the HPD YouTube Channel. I obtained grant monies to purchase video editing software and to program supplies.

With the uncertainty of in-person events in 2021, virtual events continue to be a major tool for involving the public in as many opportunities as possible. Events, such as open houses at the historic farm at Litzenberg Memorial Woods, are recorded and posted on social media.

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